NEW: We Are Now Part of The TerraCycle Beach Plastic Recycling Program

Since 2014, we have been partnering with TerraCycle to recycle our cigarette butts. This has been a wonderful collaboration considering that we have sent over 400,000 of them!

TerraCycle is a free program that recycles way more than cigarette butts and recently they started a Beach Plastic Recycling pilot that we are proud to be part of. Moving forward, during a beach cleanups at some of our locations, you will have the opportunity to separate the rigid plastic from the rest of the litter. This pile of plastic will then be dropped at a particular location and TerraCycle will come collect it. Their goal is to remove the plastic from the landfill and make products such as bottle of shampoo. How cool is that?!

TerraCycle keep points about recycling beach plastic:
  • We need to separate rigid plastics from all other types of beach litter so we can recycle it instead of send it to landfill.
  • The rigid beach plastics will be melted down and turned into little plastic pellets. These pellets will then be molded into new products! This helps reduce the need for virgin plastics in manufacturing processes.
  • TerraCycle creates recycling programs for almost every type of typically “non-recyclable” waste, rigid beach plastics is only one of the recycling solutions they offer, completely for free!
Want to know more about this program?
  • Check the images below
  • Go on TerraCycle Rigid Plastic webpage:
  • Volunteer at our beach cleanups to participate and make a difference