60 Volunteers, 547 Cigarette Butts and 188 Pounds of Trash

188 Pounds of Trash from August 2017 Pillar Point Beach Cleanup

What a great day at Pillar Point Beach Cleanup! Site captains Ryan and Valerie help take care of the 60 volunteers who came for our August beach cleanup and together we removed 188 pounds of trash from our Ocean, including 38 pounds of recycle.

We counted 547 cigarette butts and separated 18 lbs of beach plastic which will go to TerraCycle for a special treatment, always nice to redirect the litter from the landfills. We also found 3 knives, 2 that we kept, they will help us cut future ropes or cans full of sand.

Thank you to the YMSL for coming in numbers, thank you to the parents who bring their kids to pick up trash on an early Saturday morning, thank you to all of you for giving up your time to help preserve our coastline and protect our wildlife.

And finally, Happy Birthday Ryan!

Happy 16th Birthday Ryan!

18 lbs of Beach Plastic for TerraCycle

We saved this little guy!

YMSL after a tough cleanup.

547 cigarette butts.

38 lbs of recycling.

Horse and 2 working bells.