Volunteers from all around the Bay joined us!

It was a smaller team at Rockaway Beach this month, about 40 Volunteers on a very cold and windy day. We are starting to get quite a few regular high school students who travel from East and South Bay, and bring their own supplies! In total this group collected 48lbs of trash and approximately 1215 cigarette butts! Amazing work team.

A news camera man (KRON) was there to film us in action. Our President Lynn was able to come down and speak in depth about all the work that the PBC is doing from the street-to-beach program and how we have seen more interest since the Pandemic. The segment was featured on the 5pm news with a small clip.

Our Naturalist Marie had a great table, with a lot of interested volunteers; especially some of the young kids who wanted to see all of her props. We reminded everyone and handed out the Surf Movie Fundraiser flyer to volunteers when they ended their morning with us.

If you can support us with yes on Bill ab1690 , check it out and reach out to your representative by 03/23.