Rockaway Stwitchbacks Update

A shootout to the Gatepath group, who volunteered at Go Native Nursery for the morning. Because the weather was so uncertain (rain – no rain??), they chose to work inside and stay dry, instead of working on the exposed beach bluffs. One of things that they got to see was to watch newly seeded purple needlegrass seeds. When first watered, the long awns (pointy needle attached to the seed) unwind as you watch! We always think that plants move so slowly so it’s just amazing to see this movement in just a few seconds after receiving that first water!!
Three photos:
   Weeding area, tool buckets, newly planted native plant starts marked by orange flags, with rockaway switchbacks.  (taken Feb-3-2017).
   Contrast: same area from a different angle, with invasive weeds 3 ft high; this is from April, 2016 Earth Day activities.
   Little native plant, found on upper slope above walking path toward route 1.  (Feb-03-2017).