CCD at Mavericks, 932 lbs of Trash!

What an amazing turn around we had on Coastal Cleanup day! We estimated 92 volunteers counting adults and children and you were all FANTASTIC!
Unfortunately the tide was high which made it hard to clean the beach, but the neighborhood, the seawalls and the jetty definitely kept all of you busy. Together, we collected over 751 lbs of trash and 181 lbs of recycling, which is sadly the biggest amount of trash ever collected in the Mavericks area. But the good thing is that we prevented all this litter to flow in the ocean and we saved hundreds of birds, fishes and other wildlife, GREAT JOB!

It was really nice to have the participation of a few large groups: Genentech, Boy Scout Troop 255, YMSL and Keys School

I would like to say a special thank you to Carliane and the Yacht Club for hosting the cleanup, to Suzanne “Bo” Walker from the harbor office, which had donated coffee, donuts, soft drinks and hotdogs for the volunteers. Jennifer Celestre and her friend Brenda who organized the BBQ lunch for the volunteers, as well as Miles & Kacie for their tremendous help in making this event run smoothly, and finally to the California Canoe and Kayak for donating time and giving us the opportunity to cleanup the water and seawalls.

We can’t thank you enough for your participation and your hard work, so I will say it again: THANK YOU!

Contest result & highlights:

Picked up the most trash: Steve L. with 286 lbs of trash by himself!
Picked up the most cigarette butts: YMSL crew with 375
Picked up the most beverage cans: Sam and Xavior from Boy Scout troop 255 with 13
Picked up the most fishing supplies: Sue & her husband with 25 pieces and 49 fishing plastic bait bags and boxes
Best litter data cleanup card: Keys School for their incredible sense of details and dedication in counting ALL the litter!

2014 Half Moon Bay Yacht and Pillar Point Harbor Coastal Cleanup - 33

Full Report:

Item Number
Beverage Cans 291
Caps/Lids 458
Cigarette butts 6550
Food wrappers 674
Beverage Cups 136
Glass bottles 322
Plastic bags 285
Plastic bottles 229
Furniture 5
Paper bags 144
Straws/Stirrers 200
Styrofoam & Pieces 445
Tires 4
Appliance 3
Optional counts
Balls 12
Bait bags 49
Batteries 3
Cigarette packs 9
Beer cardboard 9
Fishing supplies 170
Fishing net 1
Full dog poop bags 25
disposable gloves 30
Paper napkins 89
Buckets 2
Pieces of clothing 29
Shoes 12
Plastic food containers 30
Toys 11
Broken glass 130
Metal pieces 40
Treated wood 26
Carpet/rug 3
Wires 12
Weird findings
1 skate board
1 rubber raft
1 ceramic pot
1 plastic dog dish
1 book
1 seat belt
1 arrow
1 brief case
30′ co ax cable

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