Amazing turnout at Rockaway beach cleanup 

Saturday, February 5th, our Rockaway beach cleanup had 120 volunteers and collected a total 145 pounds of trash! When we saw how many volunteers had registered, a few Junior Site Captains from other beaches thankfully stepped up to help out. A new member of the newly renamed Mission Blue Crew, formerly the Junior Albatross Team, was there to learn about being a Junior Site Captain, too. 

Many of the volunteers came from Mills High School in Millbrae, and most of the students were new to beach cleanups. With so many volunteers, we had to double the amount of supplies, so we brought in reinforcements in the form of more buckets and pickup sticks. 

At the end of the cleanup, Lynn and the naturalist Nancy recited the Earth Hero Pledge and inspired more than 100 earth heros! Thank you everyone who was there to help.

Post by Sophia  

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