642 lbs of Trash, 60 Volunteers & 2000 Cigarette Butts

volunteers pillar point

I think the Earth can be proud of us!

At Pillar Point we had an amazing group of very motivated volunteers. Almost everyone showed up well before 9 AM and was ready for some action! The volunteers kept on coming with buckets and hands full of tires, pieces of wood or metal scraps. But thanks to Gina (from Apple), Nicole David, Kacie, my coworker Caitlin and her friend Morgan, we were able to weigh buckets, sort the trash, separate the recyclables and count the cigarette butts in no time.

No one took a break during these 2 hours and everybody worked very hard to clean the entire harbor, from the RV park to Mavericks beach.

Thank you so much Apple, Boy Scouts and all my other incredible volunteers who came yesterday to save our coast and wildlife!


trash pillar pointmetal scrap pillar point










2000 cigarette butts pillar point tires found pillar point