323,712 Cigarette Butts Sent to TerraCycle

323,712 Cigarette Butts Removed from the Landfill!

Hey volunteers! This is a quick note to thank you for all of the cigarette butts you’ve collected during our beach cleanups and habitat restoration events and turned in. We just mailed another 3000+ to TerraCycle.
Since Helen started collecting them in 2013/2014 we’ve recycled 323,712 filters to date keeping them from the landfill! Isn’t this astonishing?
So Far By the numbers:
2013/2014        88,550
2015                  46,550
2016                  69,500
2017 to date   119,112
Keep’em coming and keep up the good work!
Whenever you are on a walk, or at the beach or even gardening in your front yard, you can pick up the cigarette butts and place them in a bag and then in bucket with a lid. We have been successful at keeping the smell enclosed that way. Here are more information on how you can recycle the butts you find outside of PBC events: How to Recycle Cigarette Butts with TerraCycle.
Thank you all so very much for making a different,
we know it is a stinky job!