2 hours = 84 lbs of Trash

Saturday was a perfect day for a beach cleanup, foggy in the early morning and warm but just cool enough in the afternoon. We collected over 84 lbs of  trash which included 36 lbs of recycling but also 2 buckets, 1 fishing net, 5 shoes, 2 diapers, 341 food wrappers, 848 cigarette butts, 93 plastic bags, 450 pieces of styrofoam, 15 pieces of clothing and other debris. It was a very fruitful day!

Thank you to Bo from the harbor master office for helping with the Litter Data, Nicole David who came pick up trash after a swim in the Ocean without a wetsuit (I am impressed!), to the freshman from YMSL who came and picked up 29 lbs of trash, to Kamilah and her friends who came to celebrate her 11th birthday, to Kim who picked up 14 lbs of trash in less than 2 hours, to Chokri who picked up over 30 plastic bags and 12 lbs of trash, and to Lars and Alisha who picked up another 16 lbs. You guys were all amazing and we hope to see you again at the next beach cleanup August 23rd.

Full Report:

Cig butts 848
Styrofoam 450
Wrappers 341
Plastic bag 93
Paper napkin 81
Cans 52
Straws 50
Caps/Lids 49
Glass bottle 46
Plastic bottle 46
Cups 40
Fishing line/Rope 17
Paper bag 16
Piece of clothing 15
Plastic cutlery 11
Plastic Food containers 11
fishing materials 8
Latex gloves 8
bate bag 8
Ziploc bag 6
Balloons 6
Shoes 5
Juice box 4
batteries 4
toys 3
Diaper 2
Piece of fabric 2
Balls 2
Fising net 1
Fool dog poop bag 1