151 lbs of Trash Picked Up!

Last Saturday was a wet day but thankfully the rain stopped right before our cleanup. 32 volunteers showed up despite the weather, it is always nice to see how brave and determinate our volunteers can be! We collected over 151 lbs of  trash which included 24 lbs of recycling but also 4 balloons, 48 plastic bottles, 239 food wrappers, 571 cigarette butts, 56 plastic bags, 230 pieces of styrofoam, 14 pieces of clothing (including a full set of women leopard lingerie), a plastic champagne flute, a candle (someone had a good time…) and other debris. It was a very fruitful day!

Thank you to everyone for your patience, to the freshman from YMSL who came and picked up a total of 94 lbs of trash, to Lorraine from Palo Alto Preparatory School for cleaning up Mavericks with her group of high schoolers. You guys were all amazing and we hope to see you again at the next beach cleanup in November.


Full Report:

Treated wood 10 lbs
Cig butts 571
Wrappers 239
Styrofoam 230
Caps/Lids 117
Plastic bag 56
Plastic bottle 48
fishing materials 42
Glass bottle 32
Straws 31
Cans 25
Paper napkin 25
Cups 14
Piece of clothing 14
Paper bag 12
bait bag 7
Latex gloves 7
Balls 6
Fishing line/Rope 6
Balloons 4
Condoms 3
Fool dog poop bag 3
Metal pieces 3
Juice box 2
Lighter 2
Cigarette pack 1
Sponge 1
Tires 1