Wildlife Enlightens our Mussel Rock Cleanup

Today, a week earlier than usual, we held our monthly Mussel Rock Cleanup for November. Fortunately, it was a dry day, very crisp but sunny. 19 volunteers helped clean up the area. We were able to watch humpback whales spouting, birds flying in formation and coyotes hanging out. All of these creatures remind us how thankful we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

I introduced my new dog, Jordan Dudley Nicely, who loves meeting people. I hope that this was his first of many cleanups.

We picked up 49 lb trash, 10 lb recycling, 15 straws, 20 bottle caps, and 950 cigarette butts. Some of us ran a magnet to pick up nails and screws so they don’t puncture our car tires. We recycle about 80% of all the items picked up as we now recycle rigid plastic such as pill bottles, coffee cup tops, and straws.

We are grateful for volunteers coming out to cleanup and make a difference in our area.