The Whales Say “Thank You for Cleaning Up Mussel Rock”

At 9am on the 4th Saturday cleanup at Mussel Rock on 27 May 2017, there was only 1 volunteer who signed in. Henry Barrack attends Hillsdale School and is due to graduate this week. It was quite cool, but not foggy, while Henry and I put out all the buckets, gloves and pick up sticks.

Soon, the sun began to shine and another volunteer, Chris Burr, arrived, bringing food and drinks.

We all enjoyed the new developments at Mussel Rock: there are 2 picnic tables that are protected by 6 large granite blocks. There are signboards showing the flora and fauna of Mussel Rock and the history of Mussel Rock. I will run all future cleanups from this new site as it provides seating, and places to put buckets and other items.

By 11am regular volunteers had arrived. In total, we had 10 volunteers, including a carpenter living in a mobile home who did more cleanup than anyone. Only 15 lb of trash and 15 lb of recyclables were picked up. However, over 1000 cigarette butts and 50 bottle caps were collected.

Whales had been visible from the Mussel Rock area all morning; they stayed until dusk, lobbing their tails against the water surface, and splashing fins to make a big spray. They were having a ball out there. It was such a good feeling, knowing that we had removed plastic and other trash from being blown into the ocean.