IMG_0821IMG_0816Let’s see.  Start with a beautiful, sunny, breezy 65 degree Saturdaymorning, the dayafter school let outfor the summer.  Add nice waves, over 100 surfers, families headed for the beach with coolers and umbrellas, and we have everyone ready to enjoy our beautiful Linda Mar Beach.  As  we set up for our monthly cleanup, we were met by whales playing and eating, their bodies halfway out of the water, dolphins launching out of the water just beyond the surfers and horses trotting down the beach.

IMG_0820Robin and Cathy, always there helping out (with the blessings of Salesforce, one of our great partners) hit the beach with their own buckets and gloves, while Jim and Ana went the other way.  To our surprise and great joy, Linda Mar Beach was almost CLEAN!  However, the mighty team of four scoured the edges, the parking lots, the tidelines and filled two bags with trash and recyclables, had a great time watching our frolicking friends, and left with the realization that people are really beginning to take care of our beaches! Let’s keep that all in mind as we near July 4 and other big summer activities.  Keep doing what you’re doing, people!  Our flippered and four-legged friends love it!IMG_0817IMG_0818IMG_0819