Volunteers of the Street to Beach Cleanups

Due to COVID restrictions on monthly beach cleanups, PBC created the Street to Beach program to inspire individuals and families to cleanup their neighborhoods and favorite places, and log their work on the Clean Swell app.

The response has been incredible and we have some very interesting statistics! By November 15th, 217,909 cigarette filters and over 16,000 pounds of trash have been removed from the waste stream. More than 100 students contributed 200+ hours of community service picking up trash! Small teams have worked together to clean our shores and littered spots.

Our ocean still needs us. So sign up, gear up, go outside and do something rewarding!

Earth Heroes of the Street to Beach Cleanups

And for the 4057 volunteers who already joined us, we wanted to say thank you for cleaning up your street, your beach, your park or your neighborhood over the past few months. Here are some of the faces behind the numbers. The faces of the Earth Heroes that are keeping our planet clean and our ocean healthy.