Venture Crew 27 San Mateo Joined Mussel Rock Cleanup

Expecting a rainy day, we were surprised that it remained dry and sunny at Mussel Rock!
Thanks to Chris, Julie and Joe, fellow Mussel Rock Stars, who set up the cleanup signs and welcome site on time. I rolled in at 9am and welcomed everyone with a short discussion about where and where not to go, such as the homeless encampments, of which there are two large ones under Cypress trees. Volunteers were asked not to go to the beach as there is no safe trail down to it any more. The biggest team was a co-ed scout troop called Venture Crew 27 San Mateo. The park area and the streets, along the barriers and road sides were good areas to clean. I asked everyone to return earlier, by 10.30am (a new thought I have added to this cleanup!)  Everything was very soggy and there was a lot of mud in all buckets. It was helpful that there were deep puddles where we could clean the buckets and pickup sticks when we were finished.

20 volunteers amassed a record small trash weight of 65 lb and 800 cigarette butts. The rainy season is keeping visitors in their cars or at home, so there was not much trash. However, volunteers picked up about 50 small gas cylinders that were dropped in a site near the car park. I imagine that this is connected to some drug-taking act.

The next cleanup at Mussel Rock will be Earth Day, 21 April from 9am to 11am. Join us or any other site, beach, car park along the coast! To join with a group, please email Jim Fithian at who will provide you with supplies and/or match you to a cleanup site.

Venture Crew 27 San Mateo