Tunitas Creek, All Cleaned Up!

Right before the rain, 11 volunteers joined us on a short notice to clean Tunitas Creek before the rain. Unfortunately, because of the high tides, a lot of the trash was covered in sand when we arrived but we still cleaned up ~400 LBS of debris. From office chair, to ropes, beer cans and broken glass, our courageous team did not let one piece of litter behind. It was the first time that Pacific Beach Coalition hosted a beach cleanup that for South – We are expending our territory and it feels great! Special thank you to Nicole David who got the idea and tremendously help organizing this event.

tunitas_all_clean tunitas_creek_trash tunitas_snake tunitas_trash_zoom tunitas_victory

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  • Edward Mcnicoll

    I just spent some time at tunitas Creek and it needs your help again. I noticed on fourth of july driving up from santa cruz late that there were over a hundred cars parked late at night and i Knew the beach was getting pounded with trash. this was confirmed today when i hiked the beach. Unfortunately there is about as much trash as was removed last time you soldiered the clean up.
    let me know how i can help. i will be doing a solo mission soon when i have time off work but the amount of trash will require a truck to haul it away.
    Ed McNicoll

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