Velella velella are at Mussel Rocks

We had another great cleanup that again brought some new volunteers to swell our loyal crew of volunteers. Welcome Cesar and Edric!

There was slightly less trash than usual, probably because Cesar, Joe and a few others have been cleaning up on a daily basis.

There were 115 lb trash, 23 lb recyclables, 564 lb green waste (special thanks to Dave Ellers who worked with me to clear 3 large pampus grass clumps on Westline Drive this week). This is the first time that we have done any significant green waste removal for habitat restoration/ beautification of the area.

We collected 1000 cigarette butts, 20 bottle caps and 15 straws. The cigarette butts, as well as the wrappers and foils, can all be recycled into other plastic products, once the toxins are removed. I send them to each month.

Thanks to Julie and the PBC for providing new pick up sticks that everyone was able to use! In future, I will have these for everyone’s use.

Thanks to Jeff, Paxton and Jody for hauling up the dumped futon bed mattress from the bluff.

Thanks to Julie for taking the propane tank up to Allied Waste for hazardous disposal.

Check out the beaches for jelly fish (see photo). They are here because of the warmer waters and they are the staple food for the leatherback sea turtles that travel thousands of miles to find food off California coasts. This is why we clean up! Turtles cannot distinguish between plastic waste and jelly fish! My photo of the by the wind sailor (Velella velella) shows why turtles make this mistake.

Thanks for all the important work you have done and continue to do for the environment!

See you next cleanup, scheduled for the 4th Saturday in August: 23 August.