Thanks for Cleaning Up Mussel Rock!

Saturday was a gorgeous day to be with you all! We had 6 new volunteers.

We had a blast! Attached please see two photos that show you how bright the sunshine was!

We collectively picked up 172 pounds of trash, including 82 pounds of tires, buoys and heavy ropes from the shoreline courtesy of Jeff & Paxton Christner, who have posted a wonderfully clear video of their activities on Facebook.

The highlight for me was being introduced to what is name affectionately the Hidden Creek, but which I know as Frog City. Thanks Myrna! Perhaps it will make a good hide- out to spot people dumping trash along Westline. I will tell my husband, Mark, who would like to take on this challenge.

In case any of you want to protest the plan of Daly City to remove the chain link fence that currently traps flyaway trash (fence is pictured above), please write to Hae Won Ritchie at before 26 Feb.