Snowy Plover Fence, Call Out!

We know most of you work but on the chance you have the day off would you like to help with the plover fencing installation? More volunteers would be welcome on this Friday from 8.30 till done – Look for the team on the beach across from the Crespi stop light. 

Plover Protection, CAN YOU HELP!

Celebrate the return of the Snowy Plovers by joining the Pacifica Shorebird Alliance, the Pacific Beach Coalition, Pacifica’s Environmental Family, and Sequoia Audubon to help install seasonal symbolic fence on Pacifica State Beach.
Volunteers are invited to a Pounding for Plovers Party!
     •     When: Friday, August 15,  8:30 a.m. ~  Noon (or earlier)
     •     Where: Pacifica State Beach (Linda Mar Beach)
     •     Meet on the beach at the Crespi entrance, across from the Community Center, near the tree.
After years of negotiations with the City of Pacifica, Fish and Wildlife and the Coastal Commission, support from Sequoia Audubon and funding from Audubon California, wintering Snowy Plovers in Pacifica will finally get some protection. The Pacifica Shorebird Alliance hopes to reverse the birds’ 75% decline of the past twelve years. All plover lovers are invited to share this momentous event the morning of Friday, August 15.
The project will involve pounding posts into the sand, stringing cable between them, and attaching signs made by local school children. The area to be protected is a fifty foot wide sliver of beach west of the dunes north of Crespi Drive at Highway.
Thank you in advance for your help, and we hope to see you there!