Russ Hartman, Unsung Hero 2019

Russ Hartman embodies the spirit that Cedric brought every day – he quietly and consistently works hard on his own to make Pacifica a more beautiful place which truly qualifies him as our Unsung Hero. For years, Russ single-handedly eradicated the large patches of invasive pampas grass along Highway One and has since patrolled the Coastal Trail from Linda Mar to Rockaway to remove invasive weeds to protect the native plants that they will overtake.  Additionally, Russ contributes to our Corporate Give Back Program by assisting with the habitat restorations whenever he is available.  Thank you SO MUCH, Russ! Congratulations!

Today was Earth Day in Pacifica, and I received an award from the Pacific Beach Coalition for the many hours I spend removing invasive weeds in our areas’s parklands and along the highway. The etched ten-pound rock will go in my garden, but it also came with not one, but six suitable-for-framing certificates: 1 from the Beach Coalition and others from Pacifica Mayor Sue Vaterlaus, San Mateo Co. Board of Supervisors, State Speaker Kevin Mullin, State Senator Jerry Hill, and Congresswoman Jackie Speier -enough to paper a whole wall.

Russ Hartman