Report from Jeff at Mussel Rock

This is the high tide line on the beach at Mussel Rock today. Plastic pieces were everywhere! Many were just too small to even pick up.

Found these items too, lots of shotgun shell wadding/hulls today. Two items of note are under the garden claw. The pink thing in the middle is a hair curler type thing that I suspect eroded out of the landfill area of Mussel Rock and then washed up on the beach, I have found others just like this with the same weathering, they’re not even made anymore. The dark blue piece to the left of that pink thing is the smallest piece yet I’ve found from all those bread crates that washed overboard several years ago.

Lots of caps and lids were washed up along with lots of smaller pieces of styrofoam.

Close up of the pink hair curler thing and bread crate piece. The bread crate piece measures just 1.5″ long on the longest side. The orange thing I find all the time, I think they’re some sort of clip for crab pots or some other fishing gear. I think a rope runs through the hole on the left side of the item.

Thank you Jeff for taking care of Mussel Rock, once again!