Recycle Your Fishing Line

Fishing line improperly disposed of or abandoned in the environment can lead to numerous problems. The line can not only damage a boat, but also entangle and kill wildlife. Even when the line is disposed of in trash bins, it still goes to a landfill, creating the same hazards for wildlife. Since the line is NOT biodegradable, it then remains in the environment for years. One solution to these many issues is to have fishing line recycling containers available to boaters and anglers to properly discard their used line.

1,975 LBS of Fishing Line Collected

Conducted by California State Parks and the California Coastal Commission, the California Boating Clean and Green Program has installed 290 fishing line recycling stations located at piers, marinas and boat launch ramps throughout the state. Click here to find your nearest recycling station. As of December 2020, 1,975 pounds of fishing line have been collected and properly recycled as part of this program. Stretched out, this line would reach from San Francisco to Panama!

This year, the program received funding from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Marine Debris Program and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation to install 50 additional stations. After only two hours of advertising the stations, partners across the state have already requested all 50 stations.

Find Our New Stations in Pacifica

We are pleased to say that we are now part of the CA Fishing line Recycling Program conducted by the CA State Parks, the CA Coastal Commission, NOAA Marine Debris Program and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation thanks to our volunteer and Board Member: Mark Hubbell.

Check our 2 new stations in Pacifica at:

  • South Rockaway Parking Lot
  • North Lot of Linda Mar Beach