Promoting Sustainability At Post-July 4th Cleanup

After 4th-of-July celebrations ceased, 22 dedicated volunteers joined forces in a post-July 4th cleanup effort. The collective efforts of the volunteers yielded significant cleanup results including the collection of 60 pounds of waste, 28 pounds of recycling, 23 pounds of compostable materials, and approximately 200 cigarette butts.

It is evident that a greener future lies within reach when communities come together and take action. A huge thank you to this post-July 4th cleanup crew, who not only impacted the community and wildlife in profound ways but simultaneously showcased their dedication and enthusiasm and created fun memories in the process. With the generous time and support of our members and volunteers, we continue to strive towards a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future, one event at a time.

We appreciate everyone who supports Pacific Beach Coalition’s work and educational programs. Thank you for helping us to protect our beautiful ocean and coastline by donating money, time, or both! Your dollars will go towards our ongoing educational efforts (such as the Naturalists program) and our beach cleanups and habitat restoration efforts along the coastal trail. Thank you so much for any contribution: big or small!