Plastic-Free Kitchen Tips – Part2

Two of the biggest plastic waste areas in the kitchen are the refrigerator and the food pantry. Here are my favorite low cost plastic free food storage areas.

Refrigerator Storage

My favorite find for the refrigerator is the wicker plate holders (we’ve all used at picnics) they are a great fit and perfect for your fruits and veggies your fridge drawers. As for the veggies you cut, you can store in glass jars with water to keep them fresh and crisp.
When shopping for sauces, dressings,etc. look for your items in glass jars and bottles first.

Pantry Storage

There are a few different ways to start removing plastic from your pantry. You can go out and buy glass jars to store your dry pantry foods or reuse glasses from foods you buy. It took me about four months to collect all different types and size glasses from spaghetti sauces to honey jars.

Next, evaluate foods you need and start doing research on where you can buy bulk and loose items. I buy beans, rice, sugar, flours, spices, oats, seeds, nuts, noodles, etc. at our local farmers markets, CoOps and Sprouts. Once you bring your loose items home, pick the glass jar sizes according to the amounts you use.

Reusable Bags

A lot of us use reusable grocery bags and that’s a great start. Now let’s think about the plastic bags we put our fruits, veggies, bulk items, coffee in. They have great mesh bags in all shapes and sizes to fit fresh produce. Cotton bags/flour sacks are great for your bulk items such as nuts, flours, grains, oats, spices, coffee and teas.

Additional Reusable Products

Now that we have our kitchen cleaning products, packaging, refrigerators, pantries and our shopping plastic free from Part 1 and 2, here are a few extra kitchen things to think about in our drawers. Replacing your cutting boards with bamboo or wheat fiber. Keep in mind when you need to replace a kitchen tool, buy bamboo, metal or rubber.

Use what you have till you need to replace it. Replace with bamboo metal or natural plastic free products.

Just say no to plastic…there is no planet B

-Peach, love and Happy Earth!

Credits for text and pictures to Julie Murillo, our sustainable blogger. You can follow Julie’s sustainable lifestyle on Instagram at @jamstang67/