Pacifica Cub Scouts Take On Earth Day 2023!

Pacific Beach Coalition met with Pacifica’s Pack 216 Cub Scouts for Earth Day 2023 for a special presentation on Nudibranchs and a special Earth Day cleanup! Nine Cub Scouts participated in picking up trash from various locations such as the Crespi shopping center, community center, and skate park. They collected over 50 pounds of trash and recyclables, and removed over 200 cigarette butts! Some unusual items that were collected included a broken skateboard, kid’s mattress, patio umbrella, suitcase, and even a shopping cart, which was returned to Rite-Aid.

It was great to see the Cub Scouts taking the initiative to clean up the community and make it a better place, and it is important to instill this sense of responsibility and care for the environment in young people so that they can continue to make positive changes in their communities.

It is wonderful to see the Cub Scouts getting involved in their community and making a difference in the world around them.