Litter-ally Transformed

Our friend and board member Claudia has been going back and forth from the coastline to the mountains over the past couple years. And here a note from her journey. Thank you Claudia for bringing the PBC spirit everywhere you go!

Hello fellow Earth Heroes,

I’m always curious about other communities litter issues…always hopeful to not find any, but alas, I’m always disappointed. My adventures in Sedona Arizona were great fun and I was kept busy with litter pick-up opportunities.  I’m happy to report that the trails were clean. I found lots of litter on roadsides, pull outs, parking lots, and trailheads. I also found a lot of litter in a flood plain area after the water receded; it was caught in vegetation and/or stuck in the red mud.  I also explored a bird sanctuary in Needles California. It was a desert area riddled with flash flood erosion gullies. I went hiking off trail and followed the gullies to find lots of litter which had been carried along by the water.  Seems shooting bottles is a favored pastime in the area.
We all do what we can do when we can do it…. if you can, bring a container to put found trash in…
every litter-bit helps! –Claudia