Linda Mar Heroes Brave the Rain!

img_1064With the advent of our first rain since March, we thought our regular Linda Mar Heroes would stay home, nice and dry on our Third Saturday October Cleanup.  Donning raingear and smiles, we had a small but mighty force!  We didn’t expect much from beachgoers since the weather hadn’t been all that sunny, but oh did the huge waves bring in some gifts… Our force set out to collect hundreds of small plastic pieces, 300 hundred cigarette butts, loads of bottlecaps and even firework debris.  In short order the beach was clean- seaweed cleaned of those tiny pieces so detrimental to our ocean friends.  Thanks to our new members Page and Gina, our always-ready Gitte, students from San Mateo and San Bruno and our new Palo Alto friends who came looking to give back in some way.  We so appreciated their help.  In the end, 50 lbs of tiny debris, many bottles and cans and even a tire left the beach to be put in its rightful place.  We’ll all be back, rain or shine!