June’s Give Back Teams Are Hard At Work

The Give Back Teams Are Numerous in June

Report from Lynn, President of the Pacific Beach Coalition.
The Give Back teams of up to 50 volunteers from businesses around the bay area clean a beach and the surrounding area in 1 hour and then tackle weeding the coastal trail between Linda Mar and Rockaway beaches. This year we removed all of the thistles (and it was a massive patch) on the Rockaway headland and have worked our way down the Linda Mar bike path from the top to the lower end of the incline. Along the way we’ve uncovered cute little field mice, 2 gopher snakes in the 3-4′ range, bunnies, and hunting Red Tail hawks! Last year we spread wood chips along the bike path and it really helped to minimize the amount of wild radish and invasives that we’ve had to remove compared to past years. We also planted 5 switches of the Rockaway Switchbacks and while a couple need weeding, the native plants there are gaining a foothold and the invasive species are less and less.
So to put it mildly, we are making headway on the restoration of the Linda Mar to Rockaway coastal trail and LM beach. Thank you for supporting the Pacific Beach Coalition for Earth Day – the funding supports the Give Back work as well because we share a book mark, Earth Hero Button and reusable stainless straw that we created for Earth Day about Sea Stars with each newly graduated Earth Hero.
As I witness each Give Back outing unfold I am touched with the learning that happens when these volunteers experience picking up litter and restoring habitat.  For some the commitment to help the ocean is  visible… for others it is more of an AH HA and yet for many others I witness affirmation for the ecological passions they already act on! And then these volunteers are tasked with leading the way as an earth hero at work, at home and at play. They are asked to set an example, to speak out for the environment, and to teach others. No doubt most will follow through on this request. In the end, our clean up and restoration work benefits everyone – our city, the volunteers, the ocean and its inhabitants, and especially our natural spaces!
Here are a few photo albums showing our teams work. There are a couple of videos in the album which you might enjoy too.   Please be heartened … when given the chance there are lots of people and teams of people who are so excited to restore habitat. The PBC has tapped into this crowd through the Give Back program and it is growing!  Some of the volunteers have come back now 5 years in a row and are veteran weed pullers!
https://photos.app.goo.gl/zwnXKdWgaF5CYQuw5  – Gilead June 18th  – also took out a large area of Cal Trans Buckwheat!
and /photos.app.goo.gl/WTeDxYggqSiMM3ao7  Genencor June 13 and 15 (2 teams each day)
Teams coming yet this month. We are still working on the Rockaway Switchbacks, the Linda Mar Give Back Patch, and then putting out more wood chips on the upper Linda Mar Switch to slow the invasive radish, thistle, and oxtongue!
Special thanks to the PBC volunteers helping me with this program and to Public Works for taking away all of the weeds and trash and supporting us in so many ways.
Thank you for supporting the PBC and all of our work!

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