Help Jay Restore the Rockaway Switchback

Join Us in Supporting Jay Patel’s Eagle Project to Restore the Switchback and Protect the Wildlife

Jay is taking on a project that we hold dear to our heart as it relates directly with our mission. The goal is to restore the path that has been made and used by pedestrians and bikers next to the switchback. This is slowly degrading the soil leading to erosion and the loss of our precious local wildlife.

We Reached Our Goal!! THANK YOU!!

Read it directly from Jay: “Thanks for all the donations, it’s very kind of all of you! The money sent will most definitely help preserve and maintain our area, and you guys are helping us keep Pacifica the beautiful town that it is. Everyone who contributed to this Eagle Project will be leaving behind a beautiful legacy of conservation in Pacifica.”

Fundraising Goal: $800

Goal Reached – But You Can Still Donate for Other Habitat Restoration Projects

Read It Directly From Jay

The environment is very important. We have to take care of it because of how unique it can be. I am a Boy Scout, and my name is Jay Patel. For my Eagle project, I knew that I wanted to work on something that has to do with the environment. I talked to the Pacifica Beach Coalition, and one important project was brought up: The Rockaway Beach switchbacks. Because people have been cutting on the side switchbacks, the east strip of the native habitat has been damaged and continues to further erode the slope. If nothing is done to this area, it will continue to harm the environment, native ecosystem, and it would take away from the beauty and uniqueness of the area.
Furthermore, if this area continues to erode, it is an issue that would affect the infrastructure including the Cabrillo Highway. The restoration of this part of the trail will create a safe environment for the native species to live and thrive in. Marked with a red circle in the map below is the area that I will be working on to stop further erosion followed by restoration of the native habitat by the Pacific Beach Coalition.

I chose to work with the Pacific Beach Coalition since they have been working tirelessly for many years in this area with the mission of “protecting and preserving the health of our ocean, beaches, wildlife, and coastal environment.”
With their help, guidance and your support, we can restore this area with native plants. By restoring this area, we will be working to improve the health of a habitat and improve the ecosystem of the area.
I hope you all will join me in supporting the unique habitat of this area by staying on designated trails, volunteering and donating. As indicated on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife web site, California’s native plants should be conserved because of their beauty and intrinsic value, because they are essential components of ecosystems and natural processes, and because they provide us with valuable renewable materials and other benefits.

Keeping the native plants safe is what keeps Pacifica unique.