Feeling the heat at Mussel Rock!

Back from my vacation in Europe, I want to sincerely thank Chris Burr, Julie Walters & Joe Recto for running the June Mussel Rock Cleanup in my absence.

Volunteers, today in July, enjoyed the new vista point including 2 picnic tables, information boards and 5 large granite blocks. This was where we displayed our refreshments, buckets and gloves.

As the temperatures soared, some of us peeled off our outer layers of clothing and even used a water spray bottle to keep cool.

Today’s tally:

25 volunteers collected 74 lb trash, 30 lb recycling, 20 bottle tops, 15 straws, and 800 cigarette butts.

Intrepid volunteers sought out special areas of the Mussel Rock site, such as the “Secret Waterfall.” Ann Marie climbed down to this secluded and amazing site. Also, Jeff and Paxton picked up many plastic bottles from the beach, then, that not being enough for them, they explored the bluff below the picnic area and found many antique bottles from the disintegrating landfill, including a beer bottle commemorating the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, a ceramic Ganesh, and some reading glasses (see photo of Jeff wearing a pair!).

Later on, I met Kelly who once worked for Daly City Parks and Recreation. He informed me that he had requested his former team to cut back the dry dead wild flowers at Mussel Rock. He brought in 8 colleagues who worked many hours to cut back and beautify the area. Kelly informed me that director John Fuller of Daly City Public Works visited Mussel Rock yesterday and told him that they will be installing cigarette butt receptacles at the site. Hooray, another avid advocate for Mussel Rock!

Ann Marie


Jeff & Ganesh

As if a thank you from the ocean, a humpback whale slapped its fluke down 10 times in a row!