Earth Day is Every Day

Hello fellow Pacifica inhabitants,

Inhabitants?  Why not, Pacifica is our habitat; we are part of the ecological community. Do you enjoy it? Do you take care of it?

Go for a walk and notice your neighbors gardens, the birds singing in the trees, the fresh air.  Don’t look down, though.

Despite the pride and joy most of us feel about living here, we don’t pay enough attention to taking care of it.

I, like many others here, do take care of it. Why do I pick up other people’s litter?

I do it for the health of the environment; if its on the street, it will end up in a creek or the ocean.

I do it because it makes me feel good to contribute to my community. When you walk down the street after I’ve been there, you don’t see the blight I have picked up and hopefully you enjoy your walk.

I consider it a form of exercise and mediation; multi-tasking seems a necessity these days to get through any day.

I do it to inspire others to do it.  I appreciate the quick chat and “thank yous”, and I would love it if you also stopped and helped.

I like to be helpful; during my various clean-ups I’ve returned two lost wallets full of cash and credit cards, removed broken glass from the beach, trails and streets; and helped elderly cross the street, reported broken utility boxes, spoken with business owners who could better police their outdoor trash bins.

I hope you will join me in caring for Pacifica.  Don’t litter, pick up your neighborhood. Calendar Earth Day Pacifica and join a group or make your own…. April 18, 2015. I’ll be at Esplanade Beach Area at 9:00 a.m. – 11:00. We meet on the bluff across the street from 100 Esplanade.

Thank you for what you do to care of our home.

Hugs to you all!