EARTH DAY HEROES Attack Linda Mar Beach!

Earth Day 2016- PBC’s 12th! As usual, Linda Mar’s Earth Heroes numbered over 100- this year, 159 signed in to help our otters and friends live a clean, healthy life in their ocean! So many veterans, so many first-timers, and all good-spirited, energetic souls dedicating their Saturday to helping clean the beach and ocean.  Many, many individuals, Daisy Troop 61840, UC groups all the way from Modesto, UCSF Geography of Garbage class, Terra Nova HS, Oceana HS, Drew HS, Mercy HS, Pollicita Middle School, Westmoor HS, Bright Horizons, families and friends from near and far and even 3 brand-new PBC members hit the beach from north and south, cleared 400 lbs of trash and recyclables from the beach- a beach that looked pretty clean already! Way to go, Earth Heroes! You got the tough stuff.  This one turned out to be a Tsunami cleanup, too.  None found from that Tsunami.  Whew! Imagine all of that floating out there in the water!  Our ottters and their friends thank you from the bottoms of their hearts!Never too young!