Earth Day 2017 Cleanup at Mussel Rock

Thank you all volunteers, who are now official Mussel Rockstars!

Esther Crandall


Audrey & Mom

Volunteers from the Pacifica Church of Latter Day Saints cleaned up as early as 7.30am on a bright Saturday. They adopted Mussel Rock as one of their many volunteer projects. This means they will be back 2 more times to conduct a beach cleanup in 2017. Their member, Christine Burr, provided drinks and cookies.

Bay Area Paragliding Association provided coffee and bagels. They are usually interested in scaling the eroding bluffs for unusual trash finds. Many of them volunteered to clean up their playground today.

The local 4H group cleaned Palmetto Avenue, discovering a homeless encampment beneath trees that was reported to the Pacifica Police. 4H volunteers removed several shopping carts from the bluffs.

Over 65 volunteers worked on litter removal and beach cleanup at Mussel Rock. They removed over 210 lbs. trash, 28 lbs. recycling, 50 bottle caps, 12 straws and 1000 cigarette butts.

The most unusual item found was a faded, pink coat hanger found on the rocks by the ocean. It is thought to have come from Japan as it bore markings of being at sea a long time. It also had the Kanji letters and English letters for “Made in Japan” on it.

Another interesting find was a bag of Easter eggs that was not found by the intended hunters the week before.

The youngest participant was an 11-month old girl called Audrey. The oldest was probably paraglider, Dave Ellers, who does a great deal of habitat restoration and cleanups at Mussel Rock Open Space (part of GGNRA).

We welcome new benches, tables, and a Mussel Rock sign installed here by the City of Daly City.