Giving Tuesday – Thank you for your donations

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

The Pacific Beach Coalition is creating positive and lasting change.

Every volunteer received hands on field education and training and is inspired to pick up litter, restore habitat, recycle, and take action for the ocean and this year’s nominated, the Mission Blue.

Your Donation Will Be Doubled

On Giving Tuesday, November 29th, your donation will be DOUBLED (up to the first $6,000 received) through a Matching Fund from our supporting members and sponsors. 

DonorsMembership Level PledgeDonation
Jim Fithian – Ana GarciaGreat White Member$500
Lynn Adams – Ellen McDougaldGreat White Member$500
Kathie MuhlerGreat White Member$500
Antony LuxtonGreat White Member$500
Nilofer MotiwalaBlue Whale Member$1000
Briana DavisSea Turtle Member$150
Birgit Soyka (Bird Hotel)Sea Turtle Member$200
Laurel FrishmanGreat White Member$1000
Claudia ReinhartSea Turtle Member$150
Sandy BranganSea Turtle Member$200
Fran QuartiniSea Turtle Member$100
Susan LeibySnowy Plover member$50
Chris BurrSnowy Plover member$50

Secured payment via PayPal or Venmo

Or, send us a check at Pacific Beach Coalition, PO Box 932, Pacifica, CA 94044  

All donations are tax deductible, and a receipt will be provided for your records.

Why You Should Support PBC Today and for the Next 25 Years

Enjoy this testimonials made by Greg, our naturalist and habitat restoration lead and our Sophia our Junior Team Lead.

Where Your Donations Go

  • $15 funds a volunteer with a pick-up stick, $5 for gloves, and $7 for a bucket. A volunteer picks up an average of 6 pounds of trash/recycling and 45 toxic cigarette filters!
  • $25 per student helps us bring elementary school children to local beaches for cleanups and environmental learning.
  • $55 pays for a gardening tool and a heavy duty pair of gloves for a habitat restoration volunteer.
  • $75 pays for one naturalist at a beach cleanup to educate volunteers about our local environment, wildlife and marine debris. 
  • $250 pays for one school assembly.
  • $900 pays for a new trash can for a beach site.
  • $1,500 enables us to setup a new monthly beach cleanup.

Our Programs Are Impactful

We pick up because we live for and love what we see, feel and taste in the air on a sweet salty day. Any kine day. This is a thank you and appreciation for organizing, caring, taking action and inspiring others to join a necessary and ultra worthwhile cause. The effects are far reaching beyond our senses.

Susie Hawkes- Pacifica, CA

“I found the whole thing fun, educational and somehow quite therapeutic. I love what you are doing. Keep up the great work.”

— Alan Barber, Volunteer

I walk along that beach path almost every day. It’s a special place to me and to see the transformation over the past years. The native plants, flowers and restoration is stunning. As I enter retirement by next year (hopefully), I hope be more active with the PBC and lend a hand. For now, I’m glad to see the donations from Elizabeth and I go to such good use. Thank you for making the planet a better place for all of us.

Bill and Elizabeth

Donate today and get your donation doubled!