We Did It! Thank You!

We over exceeded our goal!!

Thank you all so much for your generous support and donations!!

Coastal sand dunes are among the most dynamic and fragile natural formations relying on our commitment to protect and preserve them. Native plants are believed to host up to 400% more insects by mass as a food source than non-native plants. Restoration is vital to a healthy ecosystem and protects the beach, shorebirds, and wildlife.

Why We Need The Tanks

Restoring our coastal landscape involves removing non-native invasive plants and weeds (i.e., ice plant, radish, mustard, thistle and ox tongue) to make way for planting coastal native plants (i.e., beach sage, seaside daisy, CA Aster, coast buckwheat, strawberry and so many more) to maintain, increase and sustain biodiversity. 

PBC has been doing habitat restoration work on the hills between Linda Mar and Rockaway Beach for more than 25 years. Over the past five years, PBC volunteers removed 100,000 pounds of invasive species (i.e. weeds!), and planted 5,000 native plants.

Support Our Work

To support the newest native plants, we recently invested in two water tanks for the trails on both the Linda Mar and Rockaway beach sides, above an area that has been cleared of invasive species and replanted with natives.  We need your help to cover the cost of these tanks so that we can continue to do this critical habitat restoration work.

Make A Donation

Our goal is to raise $2,500 to cover the cost of the tanks. You can help with this by donating directly or by going to Go Fund Me.

Thank You!