Daly City Recently Banned Pharmacies from Selling Cigarettes

Why should you be able to go to aisle 4 for medicines to heal you and aisle 1 for tobacco to kill you?  

“Daly City’s elected officials recently moved to amend the town’s already-strict smoking ordinance to further restrict the sale, distribution and use of tobacco products.

In a unanimous vote, the City Council agreed to prohibit the sale of tobacco products at pharmacies, prevent tobacco product sellers from offering free samples and expand the city’s second-hand smoke restriction to include sidewalks adjacent to apartment buildings, places of employment and other public spaces.

In addition to affecting retailers like Walgreens, which has three stores in Daly City, the ban on tobacco sales at pharmacies will also apply to supermarkets that have on-site pharmacies, like Safeway and Lucky. Target stores with pharmacies will be unaffected because they do not currently sell tobacco products. The town’s two CVS pharmacies will also be unaffected, because CVS discontinued tobacco sales last year.” SF Examiner – Read full article

We think we can get this to pass in Pacifica too if there is resident support. A group called Pharmteam is leading the charge for the San Mateo County Tobacco Education Coalition. Lets show our support by taking this poll and getting others in Pacifica to take it too!

Wouldn’t it be nice if Pharmacies were for health and didn’t sell cigarettes? If you live in Pacifica and other towns around, take this poll and help us make it so!


Please take the poll and share. Thank you.

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