Community Unites – San Pedro Creek Highlights

Moral was high at the San Pedro Creek cleanup site this February and despite shaky weather conditions, a solid showing of volunteers arrived ready to go.  Volunteers spanned from folks who have existing connections to the PBC to enthusiastic high school students who wanted to be a part of a good cause.  

Many volunteers made trip after trip, filling their buckets multiple times and dragging very large, random items back to our site table including a car bumper and hub cap, a giant reusable bag filled with the trash that they picked up, old Halloween decorations and large Roman candle fireworks to name a few.

The cleanup produced results that exceeded our expectations in terms of the overall haul, including 300 pounds of wet trash and 20 pounds of recycling, and just how happy everyone was to be helping and being a part of it.  We look forward to seeing what the next month has to offer!