Celebrating Community & Nature At Sharp Park

Fifty-two dedicated volunteers, took up the challenge of cleaning up Sharp Park Beach. With unwavering determination, they scoured the shore, pier, streets, and parking areas, successfully removing 52 pounds of trash, 16 pounds of recyclables, and an astounding 1,875 cigarette butts.

The careful efforts of the volunteers were also rewarded by a sighting of Velella velella, also known as “By the Wind Sailors.” While sifting through thousands of small plastic fragments, the volunteers ensured the preservation of the Velella velella, leaving them undisturbed in their natural habitat.

Another thrilling interaction with nature took place as volunteers witnessed a beached leopard shark, measuring around five feet in length, at the farthest south end of the beach. The sighting was reported to the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation and served as a reminder of the importance of protecting and conserving our fragile ecosystems.

We appreciate everyone who supports Pacific Beach Coalition’s work and educational programs. Thank you for helping us to protect our beautiful ocean and coastline by donating money, time, or both! Your dollars will go towards our ongoing educational efforts (such as the Naturalists program) and our beach cleanups and habitat restoration efforts along the coastal trail. Thank you so much for any contribution: big or small!