Braving the Rain

Dear Intrepid Mussel Rockstars!

In the middle of a rainstorm with mist shrouding the area, we picked up trash from the Secret Waterfall, along Westline Drive, up to the car park. There were 12 of us, including Ian Butler, who arrived afterwards and recleaned the Secret Waterfall in case more trash arrived after we had visited it, due to the heavy rainfall flowing through stormdrains.

We were honored to be joined by 3 volunteers from as well as, Rich Roth, a friend of Jeff & Jody. One of the volunteers, Charity, has helped us before.

There was nothing unusual found for a change, but we were pleased to see lower weights than in the past. We picked up a total of 57 pounds of trash plus about 20 pounds of recycling. We counted approximately 416 cigarette butts, 6 straws and 3 lids.

Of course, as luck would have it, the rain dissipated and the blue sky started to show towards the end of our time together-see photo below. We stood around extra time, enjoying the dry weather and fantastic views of our pristine area.

Nov 2014 Mussel Rock Cleanup



mussel rock 3 mussel rock 2 mussel rock