Alfonso Raises Over $2K Running for PBC

Alfonso, one of our newest Earth Heroes, ran the 2015 Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon on Saturday, February 1st. This amazing 23-year old decided to raise funds for the Pacific Beach Coalition to support more learning experiences through our programs and events.  He setup a Go Fund Me account to collect more than $2,050 which will go the Pacific Beach Coalition to continue to provide stewardship opportunities and keep our beaches & neighborhoods clean.
Help us save birds, fish and wildlife today! You can continue to support Alfonso’s Go Fund Me cause-based campaign even after he’s made this remarkable personal achievement!  Go to
More about Alfonso:
Alfonso is a 23-year-old undergraduate student, and an avid runner living in the San Francisco Bay area. He is currently working towards earning his bachelor of science in biochemistry and has an immense intellectual affinity for science. He cannot wait to put his knowledge and passion to use in the field.   He recently joined us by volunteering his time and knowledge to help clean the beaches and to educate the community about the local environment.
He wrote: ” I have successfully completed the 32nd Annual Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon. It was such a great experience. I experienced nervousness, excitement, joy, sadness, pain, euphoria, and above all fun! Here are the details of my run:
Time: 01:42:58
Overall ranking: 870th of 4,566
Male ranking: 666th of 2,344
Male age group 20-24 ranking: 32nd of 96″
One word from all of us at PBC: CONGRATULATIONS!

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