Dig It Dave & Team Cleanup Roberts Road

Words from Dig it Dave, our Roberts Road Site Captain:

dig it team“This Earth Day I got to wear many hats. I got Team Dig It together to clean up Roberts Road. Sharon Van Huystee Martinez my other half did a great job organizing the team, sorting, and calculating. It was nice to see that we didn’t have much trash to pick up. I arrived to take a picture with the team, load up the trash, and take it to the drop off site.
On my way to Roberts Road I got a call to wear my Beautification Advisory Commity hat and had to set up an irrigation system for the Pacifica Resourse Center that had addopted a planter box at the Community center parking lot. I met with team leaders, fellow BAC member aSandy Perry, nd while I was there, Lynn showed up with the dignitaries and said some kind words about me. Thanks Lynn Adams, I appriciate all your energy, drive, and kind words.
Saturday started off setting up the big project of the day. Actually the day before, I had been at Oddstad Park placing plants with Susan Miller getting ready to do the planting for the new Spindrift School building. Saturday morning started off at 7:30 unloading wheel barrows, other material for the planting, and taking care of some final touches before everyone arrived. My daughter Adriana Martinez usually helps at Roberts Road, helped with the sign in of all the voluteers. With the help of the 4H Million Tree project Juila Hurley, and her crew, and parents and kids from Spindrift School, the planting started after a brief introduction at about 9am.
When I got back to Oddstad Park after my Roberts Road clean up and trash drop off, most of plants were in the ground and mulching of the area was happening. I arrived in time to help the crew finish up, moving compost, mulching, planting, and last minute questions. I as so impressed with tthe help from everyone, that everything was planted and now the Sprindrift School can shine with pride with some plants and mulch for their new school. With the help of my Brudda Eric, and some die hard Sprindrift kids and parents we finished up the mulching, putting away the tools, and planting buckets, watering the plants, and sweeping up the walkways and parking lot, we left the place looking beautiful, at about 2:30.
I was bummed, it was to late to find a parking spot and get to the Eco-Fest. So Eric and I got a sandwich, and unloaded my truck, and talked for a while, all I wanted was a shower, a beer, and the recliner. By the time I thought about going to see the PBC members at the Fithians house, it was about 5:30. I’m sorry I was to pooped to come and visit.
But I’m so happy to have the help from everyone to help complete the projects at hand. Thanks to my wife Sharon, and my friends that make up Team Dig It, Julie Hurley and the 4H Million tree project, Kiera, Noelle, Adriana, and the rest of the Sprindrift crew. I could no way have gotten it done by myself.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
It was an epic Earth Day and it will not be forgotten.”

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