Butt Blitz 2020 – Collect Filters. We’ll Recycle Them!

Since 2014 we have recycled 954,070 filters, but who is counting?!

For the 2nd year in a row, we are going on a mission to recycle as many cigarette filters as possible and we are counting on you to reach our 1,000,000 milestone.

Join the Butt Blitz, Participating is Easy

  1. Find cigarette filters in zones that are prone for them such as parking lots, bus stops, near restaurants or benches… and pick up the butts with gloves. Keep them in a sealed container (yogurt, to go plastic containers…).
  2. Count them and record them either via the Clean Swell app or our Blue Bucket
  3. Drop them at one of our multiple drop off locations on the coast – check the map below!

Drop Off Locations

You can drop off your cigarette butts at any time at one of these locations. And on September 19th, you will be able to give us your filters at Sharp Park during our Paint a Bucket Contest.

If You Can’t Pick Up, Donate

We understand that it might be tricky to find some time to pick up cigarette butts and these things can be pretty nasty. This is why we offer you the opportunity to still participate to end cigarette filters litter by making a financial contribution.

100% of your donation will go directly to our programs such as the Butt Blitz that are design to educate the community about the negative impact cigarette filters have on the ocean and wildlife. But also programs that are put together to remove the filters from our ecosystem.

If you believe in a cleaner ocean and value citizen education as well as our efforts, you can make your donation a recurring event by checking the “donate monthly” checkbox.

No amount is too small 🙂 Thank you so much for your support and generosity.

91,000+ Filters for Butt Blitz 2019

Last year we recycled over 91,000 butts. The 2019 Butt Blitz was a huge success and so many of you pitched in and from all over the Bay Area! You can see our results on last year’s blog post.

We could not believe that number but the great thing was that all the filters got diverted from the landfill and went straight to Terracycle to be recycled. Cigarette filters, aside from being packed with toxins, also contain plastic this is why they can be recycled to become useful fleece, pots or even ashtrays!

But the main question remains… Are we going to collect more this year?

Help Us Spread the Word

Here is our flyer so that you can share it with your peers and family. Feel free to post in post offices, grocery stores, coffee shops etc…
We are also all over social media. You can create your own posts or share ours from Facebook and Instagram.