Youth United At Rockaway for a Drizzly Cleanup

It was a little drizzly to start for this February’s Rockaway beach cleanup, but the rain cleared up, and we witnessed great turnout from our volunteers — such great turnout that we ran out of buckets and had to send several groups out with bags and cups for trash and cigarette butt collection.  

A huge crew from Alpha Phi sorority from Santa Clara University and another big group from the Mills High School Interact Club joined us for this drizzly cleanup, as well as some families and a few smaller groups of returning Earth Heroes. A gentleman also brought in a bumper crop of over 300 cigarette butts collected by himself from various sites.

Our junior site captains, Joey, Elin, and Kyla did a great job of getting us set up, getting volunteers checked in, and helping us to sort and clean up at the end.

Interesting details of note were the Coast Guard helicopter spotted along the coastline (possibly practicing), quite a bit of styrofoam chunks washed up on the beach, which volunteers did their best to gather, and a plethora of lost dog balls, which have been re-homed. Evie found an earring and some composite chunks that looked like rocks and Joey found a whole bagel that looked good enough to eat (no trash bagels were actually eaten).

We appreciate everyone who supports Pacific Beach Coalition’s work and educational programs. Thank you for helping us to protect our beautiful ocean and coastline by donating money, time, or both! Your dollars will go towards our ongoing educational efforts (such as the Naturalists program) and our beach cleanups and habitat restoration efforts along the coastal trail. Thank you so much for any contribution: big or small!