Thermo Fisher brings lots of LOVE to Linda Mar State Beach

Forty five Thermo Fisher Earth Heroes came to Linda Mar State Beach on Monday, June 1st and showed her lots of love!  Sixty pounds of trash, 16 pounds of recycles was collected from the beach, walkway, and 3 parking areas (So lot, Taco Bell, and Main Lot) and an estimated 1000 pounds of weeds were collected and sent to their proper home from the bike path shoulder north of the Give Back patch!  Our team found only 870 cigarette butts, 35 bottle caps, and 58 straws showing a great improvement over years past.

Bye bye wild radish, Ox Tongue, wild mustard and mallow and all of your seeds too!  Hello native plants we are ready for you!

P1070538 P1070548 P1070550 P1070555 P1070560 P1070562 P1070565 P1070569 P1070570 P1070571 P1070572 P1070573  P1070575 P1070577 P1070574P1070581  P1070593P1070587 P1070584