MLK Day Of Service – Sign Up To Volunteer

Every year we organize a special beach cleanup and habitat restoration event for MLK Day of Service. It is fun and it produces amazing results but, as expected (and like everything else), we have to cancel this event due to COVID-19. But we invite you to honor Martin Luther King next weekend by taking action – at or near your home. Here are some ideas of things to do with your quarantine pod.

Litter Pickup:

  • Pick up litter near your home or on your walk – see below and log your work!
  • Do a beach cleanup on your local beach or shoreline – please also log your work.
  • Explore and clean the rip rap or rocks above high tide of the items left behind by the big waves (lots of plastic and debris is thrown out of the ocean and can be found in this zone).
  • Picking up trash is almost like hunting for beach glass.

Volunteer by joining ot Street to Beach Cleanup team, learn more and sign up.

Habitat Restoration:

  • Plant some native plants in your garden
  • Weed a public location (if you know weeds vs native plants)
  • If walking the Linda Mar to Rockaway coastal trail, take time to pull Oxalis from a spot safely spaced away from everyone.

Other Things You Can Do To Help:

  • Say no to plastic for a day
  • Install a water barrel to catch some of the rain
  • Go single-use-plastic free for the day or weekend – no straw, li
  • Do a plastic audit of your trash bin
  • Make a donation to Pacific Beach Coalition or other ocean related non profit

Let Us Know How You Did

Email us a photo of your little plastic pieces and interesting finds so we can show others what we’ve been finding for years.

And make sure to track the trash that you collect with the Clean Swell app with PBC or Pacific Beach Coalition as you group!