Genentech Interns Give Back, Have Fun, Make a Difference!

Team Two of the Genentech Give Back crew started their internships by taking a trip to Pacifica, cleaning the Rockaway beaches and waterfront and removing weeds along the bike path descending to Linda Mar State Beach.

Fun was the first order of business, oh and meeting each other!  But then this team got down to business collecting 14 pounds of plastic pieces, 8 pounds of recycling, 944 cigarette butts, 10  bottle caps, and 12 straws.

A quick trip up and over the bike path brought them to a crazy weed patch overlooking Linda Mar which they tore apart in short order .  With a view of Pedro Point, the surfers and the beautiful beach, who could complain.  Wild Radish was the targeted weed and they had no problem pulling or digging it out.

Bye bye weeds and also goodbye to the off trail social path that was causing a lot of erosion down the slope.  These weeds had to go somewhere so over the hill to block the pathway they went.

Thank you Layne, Genentech interns, and PBC volunteers for a fun day of service and for becoming the newest PBC Earth Heroes!

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