Genentech Gives Back, Sharp Park & Rockaway benefit

Was that recovered buoy from the Tsunami?  Where did the other buoy and styrofoam piece come from?

Genentech Giveback Team One took time out of their week to come to Pacifica and help Sharp Park. Along the way, they recovered some suspect pieces, thousands of pieces of plastic trash, and 725 cigarette butts, 14 bottle caps, 10 straws, a broken boogie board, 26 pounds of trash and 5 pounds of recycles.

But they didn’t stop there … following the cleanup they drove over to Rockaway and cleared the bike path corner decending to Linda Mar beach of weeds and seeds making it a way better place ready for Native plants to take root.

Sharp Park and Rockaway are better today because of their work and thousands of pieces of plastic avoided the Pacific Gyre and a team of new Earth Heroes emerged.

Thank  you Genentech from our Pacific Beach Coalition team of Tom, Pauline, Margo, Karen, Mark and Lynn

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