Genentech Give Back team brightens Linda Mar Beach!

After what seems like months of cold overcast weather, the sun shined today and an awesome Genentech Give Back team soaked it up while cleaning the beach and parking lots from the Pedro Point Shopping center to the Rockaway bluff.


We did it!  And oh how about Pedro Point!









Finding lots of Velella Velella, a chunk of Whale blubber and sadly a couple of dead birds were reported.

P1070775 P1070772










Fifty pounds of trash, 8 pounds of recycle, 1260 cigarette butts, 24 balloons, 168 bottle caps, and 85 straws were collected.  Flip flops, cups, Taco Bell condiment packs, micro plastic, and too many plastic pieces to count stunk up a huge red garbage bag.





But this was just in the first hour.





Then this team hiked up the bike path almost to the top and went to work removing weeds from the top switch and on both sides of the bike path.






P1070818 P1070813 P1070812 P1070808 P1070804 P1070802 P1070801 P1070800 P1070799 P1070798 P1070797 P1070795




P1070792 P1070791 P1070787 P1070785


























































Wild Radish after wild radish piled up on the tarps and got dumped over the edge to block the social trail down the hill that  is eroding the hillside.


A great day for some awesome Earth Heroes!