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Mussel Rockstars Discover Possible Japanese Tsunami Debrisskinner1
In August 2014, a fiberglass skiff possibly from Japan, which may or may not be from the 2011 tsunami disaster, washed ashore at Mussel Rock (near Avalon Canyon in Daly City). When the site’s Adopt-A-Beach team discovered the skiff, they went the extra mile to alert proper authorities to begin to identify and arrange for its removal.
It is yet to be determined if the skiff displaying Japanese writing originates from the 2011 tsunami, though it is a similar risk coming from waters that allow foreign organisms (aquatic invasive species) to grow and 20140812_115114then be transported to our fragile coastal environment.
The skiff is the third boat to come to shore in California since 2011, and is an example of how the Pacific Beach Coalition and authorities are reacting as they would to any tsunami-related debris.  It was evaluated for radiation, although the risk is unlikely because the Fukoshima nuclear meltdown and subsequent leakage occurred after the tsunami spread debris far and wide.DSC06887
It is expected the Japanese consulate will receive information on the findings to reach out to the government of Japan to try to identify an original owner and determine whether the boat was lost during the tsunami.  Read more in the Pacifica Tribune.