Ambassador Program


New Neighborhood Cleanup Focused on Watersheds

Similar to our past Green Team program, our Ambassador program is focusing on Pacifica’s neighborhoods and watersheds. Our goal is to have a team of volunteers cleaning up at their leisure their streets and area of choice to prevent the litter from flowing to the Pacific Ocean.


We are looking for a new team leader to help us with this program. Please contact us at info [at] if you are interested to learn more about this role!


A piece of litter can travel for miles inside the city storm drain system before it reaches the ocean. While some of the storm drains are made of a metal fence, the gaps are still big enough to let cigarette butts and broken pieces of plastic go through. This is why our Ambassador program is in place to help the Ocean from receiving all the pieces of litter that are dropped on the sidewalks and roads.

To help with logistic, each ambassador is in charge of an area delimited on a map. Then, the Ambassador is in charge of login the trash they collect allowing us to know how much of an impact they have on the community and the wildlife. Keeping a good track of our actions helps us get more funding for this project and our similar field programs.

roberts road

This program allows us to take our actions a step further as our Ambassadors are now removing the debris before they reach our beaches and ocean!

A great example of removing litter before it reaches the ocean is Roberts Road. The Roberts Road Team focuses on the area’s persistent litter along its curbs, gutters, roadside and vegetation due to the area’s popularity. The team meets up twice a year during Earth Day of Action and Coastal Cleanup Day. The Ambassador program supports the Roberts Road action team during the rest of the year to make sure that the litter doesn’t reach the ocean.

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Did You Know?
When you observe litter, debris or blight in residential or commercial neighborhoods, you can file a report. Contact the City of Pacifica Code Enforcement to help protect and preserve our coastal environment by notifying and reminding owners to keep up, maintain and beautify their property.

You can sponsor our neighborhood cleanups by making a tax deductible contribution or in-kind donation at any time of the year.